Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Safe Arrival in Arizona


At 3am this morning Sister Conrad and her companion were up, packing, and took two trains and a bus to get to the Salt Lake City airport.  She was able to call us shortly after 6 o'clock am for a 10 minute call as she was about to board for Arizona.  She was in good spirits, excited, and cried because she missed us so much. So was so glad to finally get out into the field. Since her p-day at the MTC was on Tuesday, and she traveled that day, she didn't get to write us. She won't have another p-day until next Monday. But we received a lovely email from the mission home today explaining what their day was like yesterday leaving the MTC and arriving at the mission home, here is a portion of the email from the mission secretary:

"Their day began early morning at the MTC, so they had an early start and were worn out by afternoon.  Sister Zollinger prepared a lovely luncheon for them which they really enjoyed.  Our senior missionary couples oriented them on bikes, cars, referrals, housing, and the office. Each of them had an opportunity to meet and interview with President Wheeler.  Elder Ashton  introduced them to their bicycles, and by evening they looked forward to a good night’s rest.  They were housed in a host member’s home last night; then today they receive more training, meet their new companion, attend Transfer Meeting, and then head to their assigned areas of service.  We have attached a photo of group.  They are going to be great missionaries.  All the other missionaries in our mission are very excited to have the opportunity to get to know them."

Attached is a picture of their group, and will update when we get the individual picture sent to us shortly. She and her MTC companion and two other sister missionaries had all been together at the MTC and all 4 went together to AZ, she was so happy to have them to travel with.  She's become very close to these sisters and it's so fun for her to have them with her while she's adjusting to a new environment. 

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